Galashiels stun gun attacker jailed for over five years

Jordan Inglis, 24, is now behind bars.
Jordan Inglis, 24, is now behind bars.

An intruder has been jailed for five-and-a-half years for repeatedly firing a stun gun at a man, then stabbing him as he tried to escape.

Jordan Inglis, 24, grabbed his victim by the throat and inflicted electric shocks on him about 10 times before knifing him, the High Court in Edinburgh heard today.

Torwoodlee Road in Galashiels.

Torwoodlee Road in Galashiels.

A judge told Inglis that he had carried out “a terrifying attack on a man in his home”.

Lord Iain Armstrong said: “The matter is aggravated by the use of weapons, a stun gun and a knife, with the latter used to inflict severe injury.”

Inglis, currently a prisoner but formerly of Bannerfield in Selkirk, admitted assaulting Andrew Headspeath to his severe injury on Saturday, March 18, this year at his victim’s home in Torwoodlee Road, Galashiels.

During the attack, Inglis seized Mr Headspeath by the neck, repeatedly discharged the stun gun at his body and punched and kicked him, as well as stabbing him.

He also admitted illegal possession of an electronic stun gun disguised as a torch and was given a further five-year prison term for that offence, to be served concurrently with his 66-month assault sentence.

Advocate depute Allan Nicol told the court that Inglis had entered Mr Headspeath’s house, followed by his then girlfriend Kirsty McManus, 32, holding a Taser-style weapon said to be crackling.

Inglis, apparently seeking to recover cash allegedly taken from his partner’s sister by Mr Headspeath, grabbed his victim and shouted ‘where’s the money?’ before firing the stun gun at him and getting out a large knife.

During that attack, his victim was stabbed in the back, on the left side, and was also cut.

Inglis told him that if he did not reveal where the disputed money was, he would “end up dead in the bath”.

Mr Headspeath managed to flee the property and ran across the road to knock on doors, and as he did so, he saw Inglis and McManus leave his home, with the latter carrying out a laptop computer.

An ambulance was called after he began suffering breathing problems, and he was then taken to hospital to have his wounds sutured.

Mr Nicol said that McManus’s sister had earlier phoned her claiming that money had been taken from her.

McManus, a barmaid, of Jura Drive, Tweedbank, had originally been charged with the attack on Mr Headspeath along with Inglis, but the crown accepted her guilty plea solely to stealing the laptop from Mr Headspeath’s home.

Lord Armstrong rejected a defence plea to spare her a prison sentence and jailed her for 160 days, pointing out that her criminal record included a significant number of crimes of dishonesty.

Defence counsel John McElroy, for Inglis, said: “At the time he was in a relationship with the co-accused. The relationship no longer exists.”

He said that while in custody Inglis has been receiving religious instruction “with a view to being baptised shortly”.

Joe Barr, counsel for McManus, said: “She accepts she took the laptop. That is the extent of her involvement in this matter.”

He argued, unsuccessfully, that a community payback order would be punishment enough.

After the case, detective sergeant Ian Campbell said: “Jordan Inglis demonstrated his readiness to not only carry dangerous weapons, such as a stun gun and knife, but to use them to inflict serious injury on his victim during the incident in Torwoodlee Road, Galashiels earlier this year.

“He showed no concern for the potentially fatal consequences his actions could have had, and his sentence reflects our commitment to removing violent offenders from our communities.”