Galashiels streets set to be named after a footballer, an ice-cream man and a councillor

New streets in housing estate Melrose Gait are set to be named after Langlee legends Adam Kelly and John Collins.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 2:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 2:22 pm
Want a flake with that? Adam Kelly is about to be immortalised in a Melrose Gait Street.

And another will be named after a long-serving Galashiels councillor, Bill Lamb.

Galashiels Community Council met last night and one of the most important jobs of the evening was the naming of the three streets, something the committee had been chewing over for a couple of months.

Galashiels' most famous footballer is to be honoured as a new street is to be named John Collins Crescent

A shortlist of three – John Collins Crescent, Bill Lamb Crescent and Charles Lapworth Way – had been put on the table due to suggestions made by committee members.

Hibs, Celtic, Everton, Monaco and Scotland footballer Collins, one of the town’s most famous sons, was a popular choice around the table.

However, the fact that he was still alive could have put paid to his inclusion.

Community councillor Rick Kenney said: “A lot of towns normally name streets after people who have passed away.

Bill Lamb, who was a former councillor who represented Galashiels at Scottish Borders Council, is to have a street in Melrose Gait named after him.

“The reason why many don’t pick living people is because of the risk of them letting the town down.”

Scottish Borders councillor Sandy Aitchison gave away his own footballing loyalties, saying: “Well, John was a proud player in Scotland’s premier footballing team, before letting himself down by turning to the dark side to join Celtic.”

However, he was kept in the list when treasurer Tom Ingoldsby said: “I fully support a street to be named after John Collins. He came from Langlee and made a big name for himself, I think it would be good to recognise him.”

And non-football fan Mrs Cleghorn said: “Oh, well, if he’s from Langlee, that puts an entirely different slant on it ... of course he should be included.”

Mr Lamb, who died last year, was a long-standing councillor who held a number of portfolio posts in the then Lib-Dem held council.

He was another popular choice and Mrs Cleghorn said: “Bill Lamb served the town well and was a very good friend of mine.”

However, the third name on the shortlist, Charles Lapworth Way – after the famous geologist who moved to the town in 1869 – was called into question as he was not born there.

In his place, Adam Kelly Place – after the man who served ice cream to the town’s children for more than 50 years, before retiring as Britain’s oldest ice cream vendor in 1996 – was the favourite suggestion.

As Melrose Gait continues to grow, other street names will become available, and it was agreed to keep the longlist of various worthies until the next tranche.

They included: John Hope Tait Drive, Doddie Weir Drive, Gregor Townsend Way, Tait Drive, Knox Drive, Knoll Way, Fairydean Parade and Fairydean Crescent.