Galashiels man admonished for texting threats of violence

Selkirk Sheriff Court.
Selkirk Sheriff Court.

A man has been admonished at Selkirk Sheriff Court for sending text messages to another man threatening him with violence and making offensive personal disclosures.

Darren Wilson, 23, pleaded guilty to committing that offence between August 28 and August 30 at his Wood Street home in Galashiels.

However, defence lawyer Mat Patrick said his client deserved a degree of sympathy, explaining how two individuals had created a Facebook page about him and had posted pictures of him on it.

Mr Patrick added that his client was intoxicated when he reacted by sending the messages threatening physical violence.

Sheriff Peter Paterson said there was a background suggesting Wilson was something of a victim himself and for that reason he could take the unusual step of admonishing him.