Galashiels gripped by growing purple craze

Gala Aisle crocuses
Gala Aisle crocuses

Galashiels has been blooming purple during the last few weeks – thanks to the work of the Old Gala House gardening team who planted 15,000 purple crocuses across the town last autumn for the town’s Rotary club.

Sites for the bulbs ranged from Ladhope Vale to Gala Aisle, pictured, and everywhere in between where there was a patch of bare grass.

The crocuses mark the work of Rotarians across the world over the last 30 years in fighting polio.

As a result of worldwide immunisation programmes, there were only a few cases in 2016 and none so far in 2017.

This work has been recognised and supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which matches two-to-one every donation made by Rotary.

The reason for the campaign’s purple motif is that when children are immunised, they are given a sweet. It was soon found that they rejoined the queue at the back to get another sweet, so the teams working with them dipped their pinkies in purple dye to identify them.