Galashiels’ gateway to the Borders

Galashiels Transport Interchange this week opened its doors to the public – the official bash involving the great and the good was last Thursday.

The building comes at a cost of just in excess of £5million – not much of a price to pay considering in the region of £300million was shelled out for the whole Borders Railway project.

As expected, the structure’s appearance has provoked a variety of comments – good and bad. It certainly stands out from the rest of the town centre. But love or loathe it, the Interchange is a new gateway to the Borders. It’ll be one of the first things train passengers see when they alight at the town’s station.

OK, it’s doubtful the building will ever adorn the cover of lifestyle/leisure magazines or feature in calendars promoting Scotland’s scenic splendour, but it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that, given time, it may become an iconic landmark so far as the Borders is concerned.

Remember how the Holyrood parliament building, Tyneside’s Angel of the North and the Millennium Dome in London all came in for a fair bit of flak when they first appeared on the scene.

Whatever one’s opinion is regarding the Interchange’s aesthetic attributes, let’s hope its construction is a signal that the Borders is back on the road (perhaps rail might be a more appropriate word) to prosperity.