Further disruptions for Galashiels as major improvement works get underway

gala town centre
gala town centre

Galashiels will undergo further infrastructure and townscape improvements - and disruptions - this summer.

The town centre will see work in High Street together with the creation of a new civic space at Cornmill Square, adjacent to the fountain. starting in August.

Next month will also see the Gala Water flood defence project will deliver a protection level of a 1 in 75 years flood event for the town centre, and protection to a level of 1 in 200 years for Netherdale.

The works to protect the town centre will be undertaken around the Plumtree area, the major work involving the lowering of a section of the Galawater river bed and the raising of Plumtree bridge. Minor wall and embankment improvements will also be carried out.

More significant engineering works will be carried out at Netherdale, including replacement flood walls, embankments and a pumping station to replace the existing provisions.

Scottish Borders Council secured 80 per cent Scottish Government funding for the flood defences scheme last year.

And the transport exchange at Stirling Street will see the re-alignment of the road from October to create the area for the new building adjacent to Ladhope Vale.

This work will also include the creation of a new civic space on the former bus station car park site. A car park will be created on the remainder of the former bus station to replace spaces lost.

The Transport interchange building works will start in early 2014 once the infrastructure improvements are complete.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, executive member for roads and infrastructure, said: “Galashiels will see some major works from the summer onwards.

“I realise that these may cause some inconvenience for local people but would urge you to remember that these changes will bring some significant benefits for local businesses and the creation of a transport exchange for travel into and out of the Borders for local people and visitors.”