Fundraising for Jackie is going to be grim

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People approaching their 50th birthday like to mark the occasion in their own special way, whether it’s a boozy party or a bungee jump.

Jackie Taylor wants to go back in time, and it’s going to be grim.

She explained: “When my family asked me what I would like to do to celebrate my 50th birthday there was only one answer ... go back to see where I was born, Aldershot in Hampshire, known as the home of the British Army.

“My dad, Staff Sergeant Ian Collins, and my mum Wilma moved around a lot with the army and I have never been back since I was born.

“My dad sadly died at only 48 and my mum has also since passed away, and I want to remember them by seeing where they brought me in to the world.

“Dad was a proud soldier for 22 years and, as he never got the chance to celebrate his 50th birthday, I want to celebrate mine by raising funds for The British Heart Foundation to honour his memory.

“I had a gloriously happy childhood growing up as an army child and wanted a challenge that was army themed.

“The Aldershot Grim Challenge is held on the army’s vehicle testing tracks, and incorporates eight miles of hills, trails, sand dunes, logs, bogs, railway tracks, cammo nets and lots and lots of water and mud.”

Jackie’s challenge takes place on Saturday, December 5, along with approximately 2,000 other runners.

She said: “My little personal trainer has been my grandson Oliver Tait.

“I have pushed his buggy several miles round Kelso, and, as his mummy pointed out, he has been getting progressively heavier and bigger to challenge me more as the months have gone on.”

If anyone would like to sponsor Jackie, forms will be available at Brown Newsagents or online at