Full council to revisit green bin decision

Ten months after agreeing to scrap kerbside garden waste collections, Scottish Borders Council will revisit the controversial issue on Thursday (October 30).

After hearing submissions last Thursday, the council’s petitions committee unanimously agreed that the 34 elected members of the full council should decide if the service should be re-instated.

Using a green bin as a symbolic lectern, ex-councillor Andrew Farquhar delivered an impassioned plea of behalf of the 8,000 people who signed his petition demanding reinstatement. He claimed the cost-cutting move, agreed in December last year without public consultation, had been “hugely unpopular” and had set back the council’s target to reduce the level of waste going to landfill.

After a question-and-answer session, petition committee chairman Alec Nicol said to Mr Farquhar: “You have highlighted deficiencies in the democratic system – the decision was made by the full council and it should now go back the full council.”