Fuelling anger

I’ve been reading with interest the possibility of subsidies on fuel for residents of remote areas.

I don’t necessarily think the Borders could be construed as such, yet we do suffer, with the odd exception, of high petrol and diesel prices because of the rurality of the area. I can bet we will be sidelined if any such subsidy becomes payable.

I am not talking just about petrol and diesel for cars, I’m thinking specifically of domestic fuel. I live 1.5 miles from the centre of Kelso, but do not have access to gas and therefore rely on electricity for cooking and oil for heating.

Why I am incensed?

Because I’ve just paid 64.70p for domestic oil, bringing the cost of filling a tank to £611.42, including VAT, whereas in November the unit price was 49.90.

We suffer in this area with high fuel prices for cars and here is yet another hit. Most of the time our prices are 3-4p higher than even Berwick and Edinburgh.

Can we rely on the politicians to acknowledge that the Borders might not be “remote”, but needs to be accepted as such if this subsidy becomes payable.

Catherine Middleton