Frightened Rabbit’s far from pedestrian rise

Frightened Rabbit
Frightened Rabbit
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SCOTT Hutchison says Frightened Rabbit’s new album is their best yet – and TheSouthern is offering two readers the chance to find out for themselves by winning a copy.

Pedestrian Verse is the most anticipated record yet from the indie band formed in Selkirk, with lead single The Woodpile making its way onto BBC Radio 1’s coveted playlist and earning Scott and his brother Grant an invite onto Sara Cox’s daytime show – pictured top of page.

The combination of mainstream media attention and the release of their first album with major label Atlantic Records means trepidation among the Frabbit ranks would be understandable.

But frontman Scott insists it is the complete opposite.

“There are no nerves,” he told TheSouthern. “We have put everything we can into this album to make it the best we can.

“It is more excitement, having had the album ready to go for the past six months.

“Our record label did not expect us to get any interest from Radio 1, we were told they were only interested in X-Factor style music.

“We were not quite sure what is going on with the interest we have had in the single, it has taken on a life of its own.”

To highlight the media interest, Scott says he took part in 30 interviews in one week last month and believes he will have fielded questions from 100 different reporters by the time Pedestrian Verse is available to buy.

But he is adamant he prefers it that way.

Scott told us: “I see it as a positive. If we were getting no requests for interviews it would mean nobody was interested in what we were doing.

“One of the benefits of being on a major label is more exposure.”

Another advantage of their deal with Atlantic Records is the time given to produce music.

Instead of three or four months to write and record previous album The Winter of Mixed Drinks, Pedestrian Verse has been 18 months in the making.

And as a result, the band are rightly proud of the final product.

“I think it is well thought-out, detailed, and shows where we are after seven years as a band,” Scott added.

A full UK tour follows the album release and a busy year of gigs and festival dates is set to follow, with Scott wishing to play in Scandinavia and Japan for the first time.

But he still hopes to make a return to Selkirk, where Frightened Rabbit made their homecoming and – bizarrely – debut performance last September.

Scott recalled: “I was a bit emotional. The last time I appeared on the Victoria Halls stage was probably appearing in a school production.

“We are always trying to fit something in, and we may try and do something up at the high school.

“It is important to us and our family that we keep our feet in Selkirk and we will be coming back.”

Pedestrian Verse is out on Monday.

To win one of two copies, answer this question: What is the name of Frightened Rabbit’s previous album to Pedestrian Verse?

Send your answer, name, full address and phone number by email to or post to: Frightened Rabbit Competition, The Southern Reporter, The Hermitage, High Street, Selkirk, TD7 4DA, by Thursday, February 7. Usual Southern rules apply.