Frightened Rabbit drummer takes a break from tour

Selkirk group Frightened Rabbit will be banging to the beat of a different drum on their upcoming tour as drummer Grant Hutchison has taken a break from the band.

His brother Scott, the band’s frontman, appeared on his own at the Stowed Out Festival in Stow on Friday night and confirmed his brother won’t be travelling with them.

Scott said: “He’s taking a little bit of time out from the band. It’s been a hectic year, and it gets to you.

“It’s not a normal way of living – it becomes a bit of a bubble – and you always need to have a life outside of the band, or it can kind of consume you.”

On the band’s Facebook page, Grant said: “This band and the people involved with them are extremely important to me, and to avoid jeopardising those relationships and the future of the band, I’ve decided it would be best for me to take a break from it all.

“This is not the end of my time with Frightened Rabbit, and although the decision was difficult, I feel it is the right one for me to make at this time and will ultimately be good for us all.

“So as not to let anyone down, the band will be continuing without me for now.

“There is some rebuilding to do that will require time, but I’m confident this is just a minor wobble, and we’ll be strong and steady again soon.

“Thanks to the fans for your ongoing support – it means so much to me and to us all.”

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