Frabbit album takes flight to set new record

The album set to travel the world ... Frightened Rabbit's 2008 LP The Midnight Organ Fight.
The album set to travel the world ... Frightened Rabbit's 2008 LP The Midnight Organ Fight.

A Frightened Rabbit album from 2008 is about to start its bid to set a new world record – as the most travelled recording in the world.

The Midnight Organ Fight, which includes such tracks as The Modern Leper and My Backwards Walk, is the album in question, and Frabbit superfan Ade Cartwright is the organiser of The Midnight Organ Flight.

Ade also raised funds for two memorial benches – one of which is to be put in place in Selkirk soon – in memory of band frontman Scott Hutchison, who died last year.

This time, Ade hopes to raise money for the Scott Hutchison Foundation, by getting people to sign up to receive the record, play it, and pass it on to the next person on the list.

Ade said: “All who sign up will receive the record along its journey and they will get to play their favourite track.

“They can record themselves doing this to upload to a dedicated YouTube account, add a few pics for our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook groups, so the more imaginative the better!

“Perhaps they would like to say a bit at the start of the tape ... anything they want ... what the band means to them, how they came across the band, their favourite cheese, the choice is theirs.

“They can also leave a note, picture, drawing or something inside for the next person to keep, then they do the same.

“We have a couple of fairly famous people to join in the fun, so whatever they add to the package will be like a golden ticket for the next person.”

Ade added: “If you’d prefer to play the record in private, but still be a part of the trip that’s fine, just drop us a line.

“It’s a frabbit fan happening, so it’s a stress free event.”

The record itself will come in vinyl and CD formats, so most people will be able to play it.

Ade said: “The lovely people at Fat Cat Records have donated the LP & CD so big thanks to them.”

So far, there has been interest from people all over the world who have signed up to the plan and Ade has applied to the Guinness Book Of Records so that it could be a properly verified world record.

To register your interest in taking part, email and you will be sent details of how you could become part of this unique project.

Ade said: “We’re hoping for a donation of £5 to take part – or more if you like – and also for you to cover the postage cost to the next person. We will be organising the journey so it will be passed on to the closest person geographically, keeping down the costs to a minimum ... sending it tracked in the UK should be under £5.

“If donating isn’t easy then just message us and we can help out ... it’s a project that’s open to everyone.

“We can organise local WhatsApp groups to track the record around your country, so there’s the possibility of them all getting together to do something as a group.”