Flytipping of garden waste is ‘no surprise’ to councillor

In April the council dealt with five incidents of flytipped garden waste, just a month after the removal of the kerbside collections.

The Southern has learnt of two further incidents this month, near Hawick and in St Boswells.

Councillor Michelle Ballantyne, Conservative group leader, said: “I cannot say I am surprised. It was talked about when the removal of the service was discussed.”

Mrs Ballantyne said she believed SBC had underestimated the cost impact of the removal of the service, particularly in terms of dealing with flytipping and also increased landfill costs associated with people putting garden waste in household waste bins.

However, she said the full impact of the removal of the service will not be known until the autumn, when the figures can be compared to last year.

Following a report of bagged garden waste being dumped in St Boswells, community council chairman Douglas Oliver told us: “What did the council expect? They cut the service and folk will get rid of it one way or another.”

An SBC spokesman said: “Flytipping in any form is unacceptable and anyone caught can face fines of up to £40,000 or six months imprisonment.”

He added that garden waste can be taken to any SBC recycling centre and free composters are available to households affected by the removal of the service.