Flood protection to resume

Phase two of the Skiprunning Burn Flood Protection Scheme in Jedburgh is set to get under way in September. It is due to be completed by the end of the year by Scottish Borders Council (SBC), and includes:

l Work at the Larkhall Farm culvert to build up its resilience

l A new debris trap at Wildcat Cleuch

l Replacement of secondary trash screen to allow improved access for clearing

l Replacing primary trash screen at Burn Wynd with new angled screen, providing a greater area, and new hardstanding for easier clearing

l Creation of a new overflow bypass culvert

l Widening the burn on approach to main culvert inlet and providing concrete walls to retain the ground

l CCTV monitoring of the inlet screen and ultrasonic measurement of new screen.

Phase one of the Flood Protection Scheme was completed in March last year, with local firm JMS Harkin carrying out four weeks of work where improvements were made to the grille at Burn Wynd and a flood relief drain at Duck Row was created.

Phase 1A earlier this year included replacing the boundary fence at the fire station, drainage improvements at the Canongate and extending planters at Market Square and Canongate. In addition, an agreement has now been reached between residents, housing associations and SBC to fit flood-resilient doors to the most vulnerable houses.