Flodden on the map

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A GEOLOGIST with a passion for history is aiming to put the Battle of Flodden on the map, writes Kenny Paterson.

Alistair Bowden has been appointed as co-ordinator for a series of projects, costing nearly £900,000, being delivered to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the battle.

Mr Bowden said: “I had assumed that people in the UK knew more about the Battle of Flodden and that both residents and visitors to North Northumberland and the Borders would have visited the site of this key date in history.

“I’ve found, however, there is still plenty of potential for Flodden to make its mark which makes me even more determined to put it on the map.”

Mr Bowden said he first visited the Flodden monument at the age of 10. With a background in heritage and tourism, he will be tasked with delivering the Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum – a community venture linking existing and new attractions – as well as spending the next four years putting the story of Flodden on the Cross Border visitor trail.

Lord Joicey, director of Flodden 1513 said: “We are very pleased that someone with Alistair’s experience will be taking this project 

“He has a fantastic mix of skills including project delivery and fundraising combined with a genuine interest in the area and its local history.

“In particular, he has worked on many projects where community groups take the lead and I know he will be keen to do the same for Flodden.”

The Flodden 1513 project has £1.3million of funding, including £877,000 provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund.