Fixed penalties issued on Hawick patrols

dog fouling patrols will be extended across the Borders after a successful operation to catch errant owners in Hawick, writes Kenny Paterson.

A total of 63 dog walkers were seen picking up after their pets in two days, while two fixed penalty notices were handed out.

Keith Taylor, senior warden, said: “We plan to revisit the town with similar patrols in the coming months and throughout 2012, and will also patrol other Borders towns and villages.

“This was a very useful exercise to demonstrate the issues that wardens are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

“The majority of dog walkers are being very responsible and clearly take ownership for clearing up after their pets, however, there are a few who still need to be reminded and when these irresponsible people are caught they will be issued with a fixed penalty notice.”

Eight wardens covered problem sections of Hawick last month, including Wilton Park, Stirches, Wellfield Road and other grass and open areas in the town.

On both days each team met up with Hawick councillors, giving them the opportunity to see how the wardens operate and to discuss specific problem areas.

The wardens spoke to members of the public during the patrols, which included speaking to several children spotted dropping litter on the High Street’s pavements at lunchtime.

Fixed penalty notices include a £40 fine which if not paid within a month will increase to £60 and legal proceedings being started.