Firm is certainly not First for bus service

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First is a private commercial bus company which keeps taking services off our route to Borders General Hospital, Melrose, Netherdale and Galashiels due to lack of passengers = no profit.

The latest service, no. 74 to Netherdale circle, picks up care home residents, college students and resident pensioners (some disabled), goes into Galashiels, circles and returns to the bus station.

First has surveyed this area usage and found it unprofitable (which it would be as it does not now go to the BGH or Melrose) and my neighbours and I feel that Scottish Borders Council should either subsidise another bus company or re-route an existing service to cover our area, and outpatients to the hospital.

We are older and often disabled, and the ambulance service is not an option.

We have worked all our lives, paid our taxes and some have served this country, and as such we are all a priority for a reliable bus service.

Samantha Adams

Larchbank Street