Fired up over SBC fat cats’ pay

Please continue with photographs and names of the three other Scottish Borders Council employees who earn £100,000 or more (Council chiefs who shattered spirit of pay deal, Southern, July 28).

Save possibly for those who own their own farms or businesses, nobody in the private sector in the Borders earns more than £100,000 as a salaried employee. So why should the ratepayers pay more?

Perhaps we should. If so, a public debate could be held where each such council employee is given an opportunity to show how he or she has saved – or proposes to save – the ratepayers £100,000 in the current year. It is only fair that the fat cats at least be given the chance to show us they are really lean tigers.

If not, then the councillors might do what Shropshire did and sack all their employees on terms they would be re-employed on a sliding scale, starting, say, with those on over £100,000 taking a 20 per cent cut in salary.

Councillors now involved in hiring a new chief executive please note.

Martin G. Bates



In March, when my colleagues and I accepted a two-year pay freeze, Scottish Borders Council leader David Parker said that the agreement showed employers and employees could work together to reach “sensible agreements” to help overcome “difficult financial challenges”.

Now we know that while these negotiations were taking place, senior management were safe in the knowledge that they had already secured a three-year pay deal which would result in pay increases for them.

For senior managers in the council to accept any pay increase, whatever the size, shows that they are completely out of touch with their staff and that they are not prepared to work together with us to help in difficult financial times.

From this member of staff at least, they have lost any future goodwill.

These managers should be utterly ashamed of their selfish actions.

Name and address supplied

Oh that I, fool, believed for that brief, fleeting moment that councillors had been elected to look after the people’s interests.

Chris John

Birch House