Film project puts kids on silver screen

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So, the excitement of last week’s Big Vote is dying down. King Soapy has resigned, and the Kingdom remains United. For now.

But the excitement at Shoogly Towers just goes on and on. If it’s not chickens, jam, veggies or home-made hooch (be still my beating heart) it’s film premieres.

Oh, how the other half live ... the glamour, the sophistication. Life at Shoogly Towers is one glamorous event after another. Gala luncheons, drinks parties, champagne receptions.

So, of course we would be at last weekend’s Berwick Film Festival, rubbing shoulders with the stars. No, not Brangelina, not Cam Diaz, or the ubiquitous Bradley Cooper (has there a film been made in the last five years that Mr Cooper has not appeared in? Or am I mixing him up with that other similarly-fizzogged American, Matthew McConaughey?

Actually, Mr Mac with his slicked-back hair, laid-back Southern drawl, and slow mannerisms, reminds me of a tortoise. Sorry to all the lay-dees out there who think he is an Adonis. He’s just more Galapagos than Adonis, in my very humble.

The stars we were rubbing shoulders with were all at school. Some were even at primary school. Including the Young Master.

Yes, the Young Master has made a fillum, with other Young Masters and Mistresses. In August, he and the other budding Oliviers, Streeps and Spielbergs went on a British Film Institute workshop being run by the Kelso Youth Project. For three days over a couple of weekends, they disappeared inside The Ace Centre in Kelso and got up to Hollywood-style antics. Filming, acting, props, costumes, make-up. The works.

All I know is that they had a fantastic time, and came out with a fillum at the end of it. A real. Proper scripted, acted and fillumed fillum.

Not only that, but the fillum was to be shown along with one by Jedburgh Grammar School, before the offering in a young film-makers’ competition. On a real screen. At the Berwick Film Festival – how cool was that? How proud were the Shooglies ... how amazing of the YM and cohorts!

In true Shoogly style, we were chauffeur-driven to the red carpet. Okay, okay, we went in a minibus and there was nor red carpet, just some steps, but it was an amazing day.

There was a ‘drinks reception’ for the young film-makers. Before anyone writes in to complain about liberal lefty art-folk plying youngsters with alcohol, their ‘drinks’ were either orange or blackcurrant juice.

The fillum appeared up on the big screen, the audience laughed and clapped in all the right places, and the YM and crew all got copies of the actual fillum and a ‘making of’ DVD.

They worked with the amazingly energetic Ian Rendall Reid and unflappable (he would have to be, working with the ball of energy that is the YM) professional film-maker Tom Swift.

An amazing experience, right from the start to the festival finale finish. And all for just £15.

Kelso Youth Project, we salute you. Like Ben Hur, you are indeed epic.