Festival brings out the best in Walkerburn

Aye or naw - Natasha Ryce and Morag Knox
Aye or naw - Natasha Ryce and Morag Knox

There are times when you can really get a measure of the sense of community in a small town, and Walkerburn Festival Week is one of them.

Once again, residents and visitors turned out in force – and in all manners of clothing – to reinforce the small town’s reputation for community spirit.

Spiderman - Andy Mckinnom

Spiderman - Andy Mckinnom

From the fantastically supported fancy dress, to the now incredibly popular boat race (31 boats this year), to the barbecue, to the quiz, the domino competition and the bonfire, each event was enthusiastically enjoyed by all. 
Brian Lees, president of the voluntary Festival Committee, told The Southern: “The fancy dress had a really good entry and we were pleased to see such a good turn-out.

“The boat race was really good as well, with around 150-200 people there. The first under the bridge at the Henry Ballantyne Club was last year’s winner Nick Henderson.

“Unfortunately, as can happen in this country in good weather, you have to pay for it somehow, and the midges were out en mass in the latter stages. Everyone was scratching.

“But despite that, it really was a fantastic festival.”

The Cat in the hat with thing 1 and thing 2, summer sky and ailly

The Cat in the hat with thing 1 and thing 2, summer sky and ailly


Fancy Dress

Class one (boys under five years): 1, Knight on his horse, Struan Allan; 2, Soldier, Charlie Bremner; 3, Spidermen, Sandy McKinnon and Aidan Mitchell.

Class two (girls under five years): 1, Lego man, Liberty Timmins; 2, Bailey in a Box, Bailey Hunter; 3, Dorothy, Alice Shoesmith.

Class 3 (boys 5-8 years): 1, Clyde, Jack Ewart; 2, Lego, Millar Timmins; 3, Transformer, Murray Anderson.

Class 4 (girls 5-8 years): 1, Minecraft, Martha Bremner; 2, Frozen, Charlie Ellis; 3, Frozen, Heidi Barnett.

Class 5 (couple under 10): 1, Land-locked pirates, Harry and Thomas Wilson.

Class 6 (couple over 11): 1, Aye or Naw, Natasha Ryce and Morag Knox; 2, Wind farms, Cairn Bell and Rae Anderson; 3, Tramps, Sasha Cochrane and Rosie Mitchell.

Class 7 (three or more up to 16 years): 1, Cat in the Hat, Summer, Eilidh and Skye; 2, Bobsleigh team, Kayleigh, Tegan, Kaden, Reece and Greg; 3, Dragon, Skye, Arran, Harris and Jura.

Class 8 (three or more over 16): 1, Caberston Curlers, Caberston Cafe.

Class 9 (Adult 16+): 1, Grimlock, Glen Stevens.

Class 10 (Mixed ages): 1, Festival Cakes, Heather, Jamie, Erin, Claire, Kirsty and Ruby; 2, Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, Tosh Fleming and Family; 3, T in the Park, Melissa and Colin Kerr.

Clas 11 (Decorated non-motorised vehicle): Other 99 dalmatians, Lauren Ashworth; 2, Ready for Bed, Tasha and Kirsty; 3, Dalek, Bob Brown.

Outstanding entry (chosen from all first-prize winners): Cat in the Hat.


F.L. Ballantyne Cup, 80yds sprint, ladies: 1, Aimee Fraser; 2, Cairn Bell; 3, Rae Anderson.

New Zealand Trophy, 100yds sprint, gents: 1, James Zokas; 2, Stephen Farming; 3, Davie Hardie.

Special Needs Race, in memory of Bobby Knox: 1, Anne Brownlee; 2, Gavin; 3, David.

H.B. Club Quiz

1, It begins with a ‘C’; 2, Four Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; 3, Under Pressure.


1, Brian Somerville; 2, Kelly Buchan.