Fear factor won’t work this time

The independence debate has now entered an important phase and it looks like things are, at last, becoming very interesting.

Now we know for sure that the Unionist alliance is going to use every fear tactic at its disposal to bully and coerce us into voting to stay in the UK.

Well, I’ve got news for the pro-Union camp – it won’t work. In fact its three-pronged intervention warning Scots that they won’t be allowed, in a transitional period, to continue to use sterling in some kind of currency agreement demonstrates how absolutely desperate its campaign has become.

Labour party members, in particular, should hang their heads in shame for having any part in this. By their actions they have effectively abandoned their supporters and backers north of the border who could end up in an independent country and be successful in getting a Labour government elected in Scotland – and then find themselves in the absurd situation where a UK Labour government refuses to negotiate with them over currency issues.

This rash act in supporting Chancellor George Osborne and pretend-Liberal Danny Alexander last week over the currency issue will come back to haunt Labour.

There will also be an almighty backlash against Unionist campaigners for the way they are trying to bully us Scots into submission. In 1707 we were annexed into a Union when no ordinary person got a vote, with widespread bribery being the order of the day among the ruling class to secure their vote.

Now, in 2014, similar practises, although more subtle, are being used to frighten us into staying – but this time round it won’t succeed.

Hugh Sneddon

Primrose Bank