Fatal crash prompts renewed safety calls

The A697 at Houndslow, where a fatal crash occurred on Monday
The A697 at Houndslow, where a fatal crash occurred on Monday
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Residents in the hamlet of Houndslow have renewed calls for more road safety measures on the A697 following a fatal crash on Monday.

After repeated requests for it to be made safer for children to walk to the nearby crossroads for the school bus, the council installed two pedestrian warning signs in the hope of getting drivers to temper their speed.

The appeal was backed by John Lamont MSP, but both he and residents have now called for more to be done.

Resident Rob Wilson said the signs were installed six weeks ago, but had not altered drivers’ habits.

“It is a good straight road, and fast, and folk just don’t slow down. We had been asking for a lower speed limit, but the council said it was not justified because there had not been any accidents.

“Even a policeman who attended the scene on Monday said we really should have a lower speed limit.”

Mr Wilson added: “The council said there was no case for a pavement due to a lack of pedestrians and because the verges are suitable to walk on.

But, over the brow of the hill, the verge is only about two feet wide and it slopes towards the road. If you stumble you are on the road.”

Mr Lamont said: “The residents have very legitimate concerns and it is important that the police and council work together to see if further improvements can be made.

“The residents see the dangers every day and their views should be taken into account.”

A council spokesperson said: “As with all fatal accidents the council will be liaising closely with the police in terms of discussing possible causation factors and whether any remedial measures would be appropriate.”

A 59-year-old man was killed in the crash, which involved two cars and a van. Another man, aged 50, suffered spinal injuries. A man and a woman were also taken to hospital with cuts.