Farm barrier gets the drop

Councillors have approved a controversial application to remove a planning condition, but have enforced an even more stringent one as they felt this was the best way forward.

The somewhat bizarre scenario came about after Glenrath Farms applied for removal of a condition relating to a barrier being in place to prevent access to and from poultry sheds at Blythbank Farm, near Romanno Bridge.

However local people argued that the barrier was almost permanently lifted anyway, and that large lorries used the access, from the C-class Bogsbank Road, despite the planning condition being in place to prevent this.

The planning committee agreed to go along with the suggestion of local ward member Catriona Bhatia to approve the application but then impose a stricter condition, following a discussion which lasted an hour-and-a-half.

As a result, a new condition will be imposed on Glenrath Farms which will involve a ‘robust’ scheme of operation regarding the barrier’s use, and ensure that it will be down at all times, except when in use by farm traffic accessing other fields in the area.

A dedicated junction and road was established off the nearby A701 to provide HGVs with safe access when poultry operations were expanded at Blythbank.