Far from gold standard

Michael Wilson claims that the UK “remains the international gold standard for peaceful integration and a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, (sometimes overly) tolerant democracy” (letters, April 26). He is wrong.

The Metropolitan Police and the Procurator Fiscal Service have both been described as “institutionally racist”. Sectarianism still survives in parts of Scotland.

In terms of homosexual equality, same-sex activity between males was only partially decriminalised in Scotland in 1980, well behind Albania (1977), Belgium (1792), Czechoslovakia (1961), Denmark (1930) and France (1791). Since then British citizens have been forced to take the government to the European Court to achieve an equal age of consent and for the right to serve in the armed forces. This country’s record on violation of human rights is on a par with that of Turkey.

Initially, I thought that Mr Wilson was viewing the UK through very rose-tinted spectacles, but his reference to “sometimes overly tolerant” says it all. It seems to me he is choosy about which ethnic or cultural groups he tolerates.

Alastair Lings

Tweed Road