Fanfare for working people

It may be satisfactory in the Borders for people with good, well-paid jobs living in grand apartments and houses of their own, with their mortgages intact after the crisis in banking which is again paying investors huge amounts of money.

Every time I walk down the streets in Galashiels I see well-dressed and well-fed people who have time on their hands.

This is not for me, however, as I have a low living wage as a domestic at Borders General Hospital where I work as a cleaner with little respect shown by the general public. I am, however, in the fortunate position of having a job which was obtained after many years of low wages and unemployment benefit.

The Tories will not face up to their responsibilities. We need well-educated politicians of high standards and morals, which is expected of all people who work hard to achieve a goal in their lives through work, no matter what that work is.

Raymond Archibald

Glendinning Terrace