Families holding onto ashes until wall built

It has been claimed bereaved families and individuals are hanging onto ashes of cremated loved ones until a memorial wall is set up in Kelso.

The revelation came from Kelso councillor John King at last week’s meeting of the town’s community council during discussions of proposals for a memorial wall and columbarium to be created in the town’s Ferneyhill cemetery.

Discussions of options have been on-going for some time now after Scottish Borders Council indicated it was unwilling to create something suitable due to cost.

However, community councillor Harry Tomczyk has met with Robertson Memorials, which has carried out similar work for local authorities and crematoria.

This work has involved design and build and then selling on to the appropriate local authority or crematorium, which charges for the use of the facility, making it self-financing.

Community councillors agreed further discussion should take place with Robertson Memorials to establish costs involved and also with SBC over eventual ownership, and on any guidance available and the matter brought back to a future meeting.

A columbarium is a place to store cinerary urns and there would also be a wall for memorial plaques, including those for people whose ashes have been scattered elsewhere but have a connection to Kelso.

Councillor King commented: “I know there are a number of people in Kelso holding on to urns containing ashes waiting for this wall to be built.”

Councillor Tomczyk added: “I think this is a great idea [memorial wall etc] and we just need to make sure that it happens.”