Facing up to the real issues of homosexual sex

Having been away on holiday when the piece appeared about my views on the Church of Scotland and homosexuality (Southern, July 14), I thought it would give rise to a quick response and I wasn’t surprised when on returning I saw two letters in your columns last week.

It is the case today that if anyone dares come out in the open with a statement that is not supportive of homosexual practise it is almost certain to be denounced, and usually on predictable fronts.

First, it is misapplied as being anti-gay, instead of anti-practise as though someone who was against smoking was against smokers. Second, it is viewed as out of date, trying to put the clock back, forgetting that if the clock is reading the wrong time sometimes that can be the right thing to do. Finally, persons making unsupportive statements are characterised as homophobic people who hate and are intolerant, not the sort of people we would want to be seen agreeing with.

All are well practised tactics of propagandists, but we ought not to sidestep the real issues of homosexual sex and I hope that people will not be afraid of doing just that.

Reverend Leslie Steele

Old Parish and St Paul’s Church


I write in response to the two critics of the stance taken by the Reverend Leslie Steele (letters, August 21) – a stance which is taken by many Christians who are extremely disturbed by many of the changes being imposed upon us.

Because of our deep concern in the light of many of these changes, Christians are often vilified and viewed as being doggedly belligerent, but in fact this is rather a deep expression of our allegiance to the one, Jesus Christ, whom we seek to honour in our daily faltering walk. Our ministers in particular bear a heavy burden of responsibility as they dispense the truth from God’s Word.

However, it is perhaps worth mentioning one area of life which will never change, namely the day of our passing from this scene of time and the requirement for each of us to give an account for the way we have passed along our journey of life.

So, to our two friends and to the very many more, I would implore you to take a peep into the Maker’s handbook – the Bible – and perhaps you will discover that God really loves you too.

J. Waugh

Elm Row