F1 hero Clark better than tapestry

The landscape of the Borders is clearly the region’s best asset when it comes to attracting tourists. However, it is a sad fact we probably wouldn’t run out of fingers counting the number of genuine world-class visitor attractions we have here in the Borders.

Abbotsford, Floors Castle and Traquair House can probably be classed as international-grade attractions, while the Borders Book Festival and Jim Clark Rally also draw thousands to the region.

But at the weekend more than 6,000 people flocked to Duns for a special event marking the 50th anniversary of local Formula One legend Jim Clark becoming the only man to win the F1 title and Indy 500 in the same year.

An array of classic F1 cars, as well as the presence of star racers Sir Jackie Stewart and Allan McNish, proved an irresistible draw for motorsport fans from across the UK.

So it is to be hoped The Jim Clark Trust’s £1.2million project to develop and expand the town’s Jim Clark Museum is getting widespread support.

Scottish Borders Council is commended for pledging almost half the costs, yet the question remains – when £700,000 still has to be found – as to how SBC can justify ploughing over £3million into housing the Great Tapestry of Scotland, which is basically a community embroidery project on an industrial estate and of questionable tourism potential?