F uelling the price protest

The price of fuel and the cost of a barrel of oil are in the news a lot these days.

There must be millions of people who, when they hear the words “barrel price”, switch off – and who can blame them? It’s hardly the most exciting thing to talk about – many of them don’t drive a car so they think it applies to them even less. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Virtually everything that you buy involves transport, so the price you pay in the shops will rise, and service providers, home deliveries and tradesmen, such as electricians and plumbers, will all have to increase their prices just to cover the cost of their fuel. Healthcare workers will have to plan their home visits based on distance instead of urgency, while the elderly and infirm will find themselves in a position where travel becomes almost impossible. And all this simply because of the price of fuel.

On top of all these problems is the fact that all the money that is being spent on fuel cannot be spent elsewhere. People will not go out for the weekend, spending in hotels, shops and restaurants, with the inevitable impact on the economy as a whole. In other words, the recovery that we are all desperate to see will stall and the recession will continue.

Fuel prices have been rising for months, but the current unrest we are seeing in the Middle East will mean that in the next few weeks, or even days, we are going to see pump prices soar.

Even if you’ve never bought a gallon of fuel in your life these increases are going to affect you – big time.

What can you do? In the short term we must ensure that the plan to increase fuel duty on April 1 does not go ahead. In the long term we must ensure that a system is put in place that will help stabilise fuel prices. By signing the petition at www.FairFuelUK.com you can make a difference. And if you’ve never signed a petition before, make this one a first.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has acknowledged that we are paying high pump prices and is considering a workable solution. But with an economy that is still reeling from the effects of the recent recession it is essential that we move forward if the UK is to fully recover.

Please sign the petition and ask all of your friends, family and workmates to do the same. Do it now and make a difference.

Geoff Dunning

(chief executive)

Road Haulage Association