Eyesore set to be flushed away

THE plug is to be finally pulled on a block of dilapidated and disused public toilets in Galashiels, writes Kenny Paterson.

The loos in the Public Park beside Tweed Road were shut down in the summer of 2009, with Scottish Borders Council citing “antisocial activities” as the reason.

However, nearly three years later, the lavatories are still standing and have become an eyesore. And there were also safety fears expressed at this month’s Galashiels Community Council meeting.

Croft Street resident and former council leader Drew Tulley said: “It’s remarkable that a building such as this has not been demolished. The council cannot feel proud about this at all – it has lay there for years. It is a danger.”

Community council chair Bill White added: “I would think that water and electricity should be taken out of the toilets with kids running about the park.”

However, an SBC spokesman said that no electricity was running in the building as the meter had been removed, with power to the toilets due to be cut off by ScottishPower in the coming weeks.

He added: “Yes, there are plans to remove the toilets. This is expected to take place within the next few months.

“We have no concerns regarding safety – there is no power running within the building.”