Exposed to the elements

I am astonished just how little thought has been given to the provision of bus shelters for the new stances in Stirling Street, Galashiels.

The skimpy articles that have been provided might be OK for a few passengers en route, but are totally inadequate for a terminus situation.

The Stance 1 shelter, which serves the X95 service, is situated in a particularly exposed location – amply illustrated last week’s Southern.

A few days ago I was at this stance in the rain and the shelter just about provided a dry place for four adults and a buggy. The remaining people – which included the replacement bus driver – all got soaked. If the wind had been from the open side of the shelter, then everyone would have got wet.

Someone needs to bite the bullet and get these shelters changed straight away to a design that is more spacious, and which offers adequate shelter from both rain and wind.

Bob Stock

Abbotsview Drive