Expensive defence

It was interesting, but not surprising, to note that you have readers who are still fighting the Cold War and have learnt nothing from the decades of that ludicrously-expensive stalemate.

Apparently, we need Trident because the Russians have new submarines – previous “deterrents” were, of course, magnificently successful in stopping the then Soviets re-equipping and Trident will surely follow that fine tradition. Personally, I find the trigger-happiness of certain of our so-called “allies” a far greater danger to world peace, as indeed it has been since 1945.

An independent (or operationally so) Scotland (whatever the referendum says) needs only a few hundred troops to deal with major civic emergencies and a handful of fishery protection vessels. All the rest is just imperialist dreams.

And as for the percentage of GDP taken by defence, most other European countries, with better standards of health and welfare provision, manage with much less. A coincidence? I think not.

Richard West

Inch Park