Ex-shopworker fined £200 for causing disturbance outside Hawick supermarket

Sainsbury's store at Hawick.
Sainsbury's store at Hawick.

A man has been fined £200 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court for creating a disturbance outside a Hawick supermarket he used to work at.

Jamie Walsh, 30, of Noble Place, Hawick, admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting and swearing, challenging a person to fight and making threatening and intimidating gestures.

That incident happened outside the Sainsbury’s store in Commercial Road just after 9pm on February 8.

Tessa Bradley, prosecuting, explained that Walsh was employed at the store until recently but had been facing disciplinary proceedings and had been advised to stay away from the shop until they were concluded.

She said some former colleagues of his had finished their shift and were leaving the store when Walsh saw them and began “throwing his arms about” and “kicking off”, as well as shouting expletives.

A man waiting to pick up his wife outside the shop saw what was going on and got out of his car to assist her, prompting Walsh to say to him: “Come on, big man, do something about it.”

The fiscal said that Walsh continued to be abusive for several minutes to staff members before leaving.

The police were called, and they then tracked down and questioned Walsh after having a look at CCTV footage of part of the incident.

When cautioned and charged, Walsh replied: “It’s a joke.”

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said his client had been using the cashpoint there as one of the others nearby was not working.

He added that while at the cash machine Walsh was approached by staff members and told to get away, causing him to feel aggrieved.

Mr Patrick said: “Things escalated from that. It was all fairly unnecessary.”

The lawyer explained that Walsh had worked at Sainsbury’s for eight years, but because of mental health problems he’d had to take a significant period of time off work and that had led to ill feeling.