Euro tosh flags up fears for England’s future

It was predictable that Alex Orr’s intelligent and perceptive letter on the EU would flush out Little Englanders and, hey ho, along comes Peter Nielson with more Euro tosh (letters, November 1).

To equate localised, short-term civic disturbances (from which England with its supposedly “robust” pound has not been exempt) to a Europe-wide destructive war is utterly absurd and illustrates the desperation of Europhobes.

Whatever the claimed net contribution the UK makes to the EU budget (and all figures quoted by the xenophobes need to be approached with extreme caution) I am quite content for my taxes to be used to contribute towards the cost of such an insurance policy. The Anglocentric Tory right would rather see £44billion squandered annually on illegal ad unwinnable wars in places where we have no business to be and on killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan to please our “American cousins”.

Happily, that evil empire is now in terminal decline and I fear England will soon be left an isolated, impoverished rump state, too scared to join the European vision and irrelevant to an increasingly-isolationist USA.

Whether England’s permanent Tory majority wakes up in time to avoid anarchy and civil war south of the border is a moot point, and happily we will all have an opportunity to embrace Scottish independence before that happens.

Certainly the dismantling of public services in England to fund imperialist dreams is proceeding at a truly breathtaking pace.

I am not sure whether the absence thus far of a violent backlash is due to myopia, punch-drunkenness or just the widespread political naivety of the English.

Can I suggest to Mr Nielson that he spends a couple of weeks in Luxembourg, a small, prosperous, stable country that has had open borders since before the Schengen Agreement, a currency union before the Euro, is surrounded by big and powerful neighbours, but where the politically-sophisticated electorate realise that it is the EU that has made possible peaceful co-existence with a Germany that Luxembourgers now regard as a shopping and holiday destination rather than an enemy.

No doubt such trust, peace, stability and internationalism in Europe are all things he despises. Far better to live on a giant American aircraft carrier ready to pop off a missile at anyone who upsets you.

England has the most desperately backward, xenophobic and arrogant political culture in Europe, and that is from one who, sadly, was born there. What they have not realised is that no one in Europe listens to or cares what they think any more. Hardly surprising.

Your readers would be better off consulting the “Euromyths” section of the European Commission’s website than looking at the backward rantings of the efd group.

Richard West

Inch Park