Equity and parity over collections

In his statement (Southern, May 1) re the council decisionto refuse even a debate on a possible temporary solution to the problems facing Kelso residents about disposal of garden waste, Stuart Bell, leader of the SNP group in the administration, said: “Borderers expect that the services which they all equally pay for via council tax should be provided to all communities.”

That is the exact reverse of what exists in Kelso at present.

The council’s policy is to provide a recycling centre within 10 miles of any community with a population of more than 4,000. Kelso qualifies, but does not have the facility. It is the only qualifying community in the Borders not to have this facility.

By Mr Bell’s logic, Kelsonians should be receiving a council tax rebate to compensate for the absence of a service which all other towns of over 4,000 are receiving.

The laudable aim of the Kelso councillors was to lessen the impact, pending the construction of a recycling centre, of the withdrawal of the collection service. It is sad that Mr Bell and his SNP/LibDem/Independent administration blocked it.

As one who has just completed a 44-mile round trip to Hawick to dispose of garden waste, I sincerely hope that Mr Bell and his fellow SNP councillors will rethink this matter and give parity and equity throughout the Borders.

David S. W. Williamson

Pinnaclehill Park