Tree surgery scheduled

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A PROGRAMME of tree removals and remedial surgery by Scottish Borders Council started this week in Jedburgh, Hawick and surrounding settlements.

This work is part of a Borders-wide review of the safety of trees which are owned or maintained by the council and for which the council is therefore responsible.

A ‘Conditional Tree Survey’ has been undertaken by a specialist arboricultural company – Amenity Tree Care – to identify dead, dying or potentially hazardous trees.

It has identified 188 trees for removal or major surgery, recommended to be undertaken within three months, with further work recommended to take place within the year.

The remedial tree work will be carried out by separate contractors to remove the identified risks as soon as possible.

It will take approximately six weeks to complete and will include the removal of some large mature trees in public locations such as Jedburgh Riverside and Wilton Lodge Park in Hawick.

In most situations, trees that have been removed will be replaced on a one for one basis, although this is not expected to be undertaken until the winter of 2012/13.

SBC says every effort will be taken to minimise disturbance of the public while the works are taking place. The early action proposed should also ensure that most works are completed before the start of the bird nesting season.