Hardy haggi numbers high on The Hill despite freezing temperatures

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SCOUTS for the Great Selkirk Haggis Hunt have braved the elements for their end-of-year check on The Hill.

And they report that, despite the arctic-like conditions, the chieftains o’ the puddin’ race are there in great numbers. Spotting was made easy by the tell-tale tracks in the snow.

Head haggis hunter Jimmy Linton was unable to join the scouting as he is recovering from a back operation. But after studying reports at the hunt’s HQ in the Town Arms he told TheSouthern: “It was very reassuring to be told the numbers on The Hill are as high as ever.

“Some of the haggi have shifted from their normal quarters to more sheltered areas.

“The blanket of snow covering the gorse and whin bushes are actually acting like loft insulation, helping to protect these marvellous creatures from the worst of the elements. We were worried that they might be finding food a problem and had contemplated putting out troughs of their favourite meal, but the scouts reported they are managing fine.”

The hunt takes place on Sunday, January 23, beginning in the Market Place at 11.02am. Pipers will lead the hunters onto The Hill where the traditional weapons of baggie nets and home-made bows and arrows will be used.