Calling all TD6 garden owners

Greener Melrose shared garden scheme. David and Francine Hardwick and Pauline langworth.
Greener Melrose shared garden scheme. David and Francine Hardwick and Pauline langworth.

A PLEA has gone out for anyone with unused garden space in the TD6 postal area, which includes Melrose, to allow keen gardeners to use it for growing food, writes Mark Entwistle.

The initiative is part of the ‘Greener Melrose’ project and treasurer, Pauline Langworth from Gattonside, says the aim is for the scheme to match and introduce committed, enthusiastic, and respectful growers with local garden owners who want to see their gardens used more productively.

“We want to hear from people who have large gardens that are too much for them to garden, or even smaller gardens that perhaps could be managed at one time, but have become a bit of a chore to maintain,” Mrs Langworth told TheSouthern this week. “The aim of this scheme is to get more growers growing, not to trim hedges, roses or general upkeep. We will try to match a gardener with a garden local to them.

“The plan would be that garden owners would get a share of the produce and have the pleasure of seeing a developing vegetable plot. Gardeners who take this on would have the opportunity to have an area to garden and grow produce. We hope this sharing initiative will enable more local food to be grown.”

She added that, if more people grow more of their own food, it will cut down on ‘food miles’, i.e. the distance food is transported. “A lot of people want to be growing more of their food but don’t have the land. I don’t know of any allotment land in the TD6 area.”

A Greener Melrose was set up with various objectives, including providing the local community, other groups, and individuals with encouragement and support to assist them make the transition to a low carbon, sustainable, resilient and ethical future.

This includes raising awareness of the issues associated with, and how to face up to, the twin challenges of climate change and finite resources, as well as promoting the development of education and research concerning areas affected by these twin challenges.

If you would like to find out more about the garden share scheme please e mail or phone 01896 822102.