Beauty spot being ‘blighted’

Boleside, Galashiels.
Boleside, Galashiels.

“Lazy” picnickers are blighting a Galashiels beauty spot by leaving their rubbish behind, it has been claimed.

Fed-up Boleside resident John McDevitt wrote to The Southern about constantly picking up picnic refuse on a stretch of the Tweed called ‘Boleside Beat’.

The former picnic area’s bins, benches and grass were maintained by Scottish Borders Council (SBC) until two years ago, after a dispute with owners Laggan Estates.

“Every time the sun comes out, the picnic brigade comes out,” Mr McDevitt said. “Once they get to Boleside they plonk their lazy backsides down to scoff the food, and drink as much as possible, and leave all the plastic, glass, dog poo, carrier bags, disposable barbecue, etc. behind in the grass.

“The council does not keep the grass short any more, and it will have good reason for this, but why did it have to remove the bins?”

The council responded: “As Boleside is private land, it is not SBC’s responsibility to pick up litter in that area.”

Next week, the Braw Lad and Lass cross the Tweed at Boleside from Abbotsford House, which reopens in July.