End of a valued service

We now have the full reasoning for the demise of the garden refuse collection – if you were lucky enough to have it. For many who maintain a garden, it was the most valued service of all.

Grass and privet hedge clippings, vegetable and herbaceous detritus, leaves, weeds – no shortage of filling material. It was so easy to drop it all in the bin.

Packing a polybag takes considerable effort.

Probably four bags per journey is the limit for the average car. Make your way to the nearest recycling plant which may be on your doorstep. Probably not. Shaking the bags empty can be an effort. Return home and repeat as often as necessary, all year round – time, transport, health and money permitting.

Compost bins are fine for the small garden, but not for larger ones.

In recent times Jedburgh folk have taken on the running of their own swimming pool, which must help support others running at a loss.

There is a rumour that soon they might be taking on even more.

But keep paying the council tax and think not of another axe falling.

Ken Fotheringham