Election: Error on Borders poll cards

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Some electors in the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk County Constituency have received letters to clarify an error on their poll cards.

The mistake affects voters who do not have postal or proxy votes.

Voters have until 5pm on Tuesday 28 April to apply for an ordinary proxy vote if they cannot go to a polling station on May 7 and want someone to vote on their behalf. Emergency proxy votes can be obtained after this date, but the poll cards incorrectly state that they are only available from 5pm on Wednesday 6 May.

Letters are being sent by Scottish Borders Council to all affected electors to correct this mistake. There was an error by the external printers and the letters are being sent at no cost to the council.

Application forms for ordinary proxy votes (deadline 5pm on Tuesday 28 April) can be downloaded from the Scottish Borders Council website or can be obtained by contacting 0300 100 1800.

Following 28 April anyone requiring an emergency proxy vote will need to call 0300 100 1800. The deadline for emergency proxy vote applications is 5pm on Thursday 7 May.