Efforts under way to tackle speeding in Denholm

Police, politicians and council bosses have come together to try to put the brakes on speeding traffic in Denholm.

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 12:20 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:55 am
Hawick councillor Stuart Marshall in Denholm.

The issue of cars travelling at dangerous speeds through the village was brought to the attention of Hawick and Denholm ward councillors Stuart Marshall and Watson McAteer.

They were left in no doubt that villagers have had enough and are anxious for action.

In an effort to gain a consensus on a way forward, the councillors invited police representatives and road officers at Scottish Borders Council for a site visit to assess the problem first hand.

And the meeting this week proved to be constructive, with a reduction in the speed limit at both ends of the village now a real option.

Mr Marshall said: “The site visit went very well. There were around a dozen or so residents in attendance with the police, council road officers and Councillor McAteer.

“It was agreed that this area of my ward should be included in the 2017 Scottish Borders Council speed review, which, after a consultation exercise, may well see a reduction in the speed limit on the approaches to both ends of the village.

“It was quite clear from the villagers in this area that they have had enough of speeding traffic.”

Also agreed at the gathering was a move to put traffic monitoring devices across the main A698 near to the hotspots.

The hope is the data will help assess the speed vehicles are travelling at.

Mr Marshall added: “The issue of speeding in and around the village has again been brought to my attention by villagers and community leaders.

“These people are quite rightly very concerned that this issue seems to be progressing without any real resolution, and the site visit with both Police, and Scottish Borders Council roads safety officers was helpful in terms of trying to address this worrying situation.

“There can be no doubt that traffic has increased dramatically on the A698 through the village, and unfortunately so have speeds.

“I am hoping now that the police and council officials will be able to assure us all that plans will now put in place to help try and curtail speeds and also alert motorists to the dangers that they face when driving through the village.

“Further consultation with both villagers and the council will take place soon.”