Sprouston Primary praised

Happy, well behaved and confident learners is the description given to pupils at Sprouston Primary School, following a recent inspection.

Members of HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIe) published their report last month, following a visit to the school in January.

Inspectors acknowledged pupils are learning and achieving well and making appropriate progress in all areas.

They identified several very important strengths of the school and nursery classes, and overall felt children were happy, well behaved and displayed confidence in their learning.

There was strong evidence of staff providing support in creating an inclusive ethos. Inspectors were also pleased with children’s progress in numeracy and the experiences being provided for children at the upper stages.

Chair of the parent council, Helen Scott-Watson, said: “This is a positive report and HM inspectors noted the staff are offering strong support and creating a learning environment.”

The inspectors agreed the following areas for improvement with the school and local authority: to ensure the pace of learning is consistently challenging to meet the needs of all children; continue to develop the curriculum; and ensure approaches to self-evaluation focus on improving outcomes for children.