Selkirk school must do better

FURTHER work is needed to improve one of the Borders’ biggest primary schools, inspectors have told parents this week.

And Scottish Borders Council has been told it needs to take “significant action” to aid the recovery of the 286-pupil Knowepark school in Selkirk.

The HMiE team said children’s attainment, the curriculum, leadership and approaches to learning were not yet showing signs of improvement.

Inspectors have now promised a return visit within a year.

The school and its nursery class were subjected to a two-day inspection in February – and head teacher Cathy Mady was relieved of her duties soon after, with Kingsland Primary’s Jacqueline Wilson taking over on an interim basis.

Writing to parents and carers, inspector Sally Cushley praised the reading skills of young children at Knowepark, but added: “This is not built on well enough as they progress through the school”.

She also criticised the teaching of maths, describing pupils’ knowledge and application as weak.

But the inspector noted improvements in the school’s approach to identifying and supporting children with additional needs.

The council’s education director, Glenn Rodger, said: “A plan has been put in place to support and lead the development of the school, based on the inspectors’ reports.

“I would like to assure members of the public that we are taking this plan forward by working closely the school and parents so that the pace of improvement increases, ensuring that the children of Knowepark Primary School receive the best possible education.”