Philiphaugh Community School praised by inspectors

Inspectors have praised the behaviour of children at Philiphaugh Community School in Selkirk, but called for improvements to develop the curriculum.

The report’s authors were impressed by the very polite, well behaved, confident children, the strong teamwork of all staff to support the learning of all children and the headteacher’s leadership for managing change.

But they called for a continuation of the review of the approaches linked to the school’s learning and assessment cycle, but also told to broaden children’s learning experiences.

Headteacher Grace Frew said: “Our recent HMI inspection at Philiphaugh Community School proved to be very positive and supportive experience.

“I am delighted the resulting report acknowledged the high calibre of staff who are creative in their thinking and provide quality learning and teaching, our hard working pupils who are keen to learn, enthusiastic and actively engaged in their own learning and our supportive partners including parents and community.

“The report also praised the hard work and dedication of the staff team who work very well together and provide children with a very high level of care, support and encouragement.

“Staff are strongly committed to continuous improvement and we are looking forward to continuing with our planned developments as priorities identified in our School Improvement Plan were also endorsed.”

Louise McIntosh from the school’s parent council, said: “The HM inspectors have found five key strengths in the school and nursery which the school are delighted with, this is a positive reflection on the commitment and hard work of the team within the school.

“The parent partnership will continue to work in partnership with the school to take it from strength to strength.”