Peebles pupils’ pitch is less than perfect

KINGSLAND Primary School is not expected to have full use of its sports pitch until after the summer holidays.

The grass area has had drainage issues since the £8.5million school in Peebles was opened in February 2010.

Councillor Catriona Bhatia asked when the surface would be ready for use at latest full council meeting, with education executive member George Turnbull explaining that further treatment was required.

He said: “Remedial work to the drainage at the pitch was undertaken in September 2011 and although we have just come out of winter, this remedial work on its own may not be sufficient to increase the availability of the pitch.

“Further specialist advice has been obtained and a range of other remedial works have been recommended to the council.

“It is intended that these further works will be carried out over the next three to four months and the school may have periodic interruption to the use of the pitch.

“The project team are trying to work with the school to keep these disruptions to a minimum. Full availability after the summer holiday is expected.”

Councillor Bhatia had hoped the pitch would be ready after the Easter holidays in order for the school to use it as part of their upcoming Olympic celebrations.

She told us: “It is inhibiting on the school’s curriculum and sporting activities.

“I understand in the first year there could have been some problems associated with seeding, but for the pitch not to be ready to use more than two years after being put in is ridiculous.”