Ombudsman dismisses volunteer complaint

A COMPLAINT against a Borders primary school which banned a man from voluntary activities has been dismissed.

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Jim Martin ruled Scottish Borders Council had acted appropriately and had considered the man’s concerns.

The man, named only as Mr C by the ombudsman, argued that the council had not thoroughly investigated his complaint against the school – which has not been named.

Mr Martin added: “He was banned from voluntary activity at the school after a discussion with a teacher in which he was perceived to have acted aggressively. He was not happy that, after the formal investigation, the council took no further action except to offer mediation in an attempt to rebuild Mr C’s relationship with the school.

“Our investigation found that the council had adhered to the relevant guidelines in dealing with such matters and had fully considered Mr C’s concerns.”

The decision will be welcomed by SBC’s education department.

Last month, Mr Martin asked its director Glenn Rodger to apologise for the handling of a parent’s complaint at an unnamed school.