Media savvy training day

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Wired and Yob-Byp recently held a media training day introducing young people to how the media works, held at Langlee Community centre in Galashiels. It lasted around five hours and consisted of four workshops.

These were an introduction to what Yob does and how to start off writing an article.

There was also a Wired workshop introducing what they do and how to do interviews. Vomo (Voice Of My Own) is a short film company and we learned about the different types of films from adverts to feature films, and also what our guest speaker did as a director.

Finally there was the photography workshop; this consisted of trying to take a good picture and how to do simple editing of the images to improve them.

The benefits of the training day ranged from just getting a simple taster session of each area to getting the opportunity to join one or more of the organisations you were interested in.

As a Yob reporter who was helping out, I was pleased to see the great turnout as just a year ago I was one of those who turned up on the day. Even though I was helping, I still managed to go around the workshops and learn even more stuff about the media.

If you would like to learn more about media savvy or any of the organisations involved contact or visit

Steven Rattray