Life in the navy

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Six Borders College preparation for armed services students, who expressed an interest in joining the Royal Navy, were flown from Edinburgh to Southampton for a three-day acquaint course recently, giving them a taster of life in naval service.

They visited a submarine and a type 23 frigate, the St Albans. The students were messed alongside Royal Navy personnel, and treated as such, taking part in foot drill, a physical training assault course, swim tests (in overalls), weapons handling and shooting.

The course met student expectations in terms of training, as they have been preparing for this on the college course, but some were not aware that even as students they would need to clean the accommodation block, make beds with hospital corners and have their uniform well pressed, and that days would start at 5am. Over the three long, but worthwhile days, students were able to find out where further preparation was needed, in order to successfully join up, whilst others are still considering their options.

Course tutor Damion Asquith accompanied the students on their trip.

He said: “I have served both in the Army and in the RAF and it was interesting for me to see some of the training processes in the Royal Navy, ensuring we can offer a truly tri-service course.”