EU ruling delays Kelso school work

A visualisation of the new Kelso High School
A visualisation of the new Kelso High School

The start of building works for the new Kelso High School has been delayed, writes Mark Entwistle.

A European ruling affecting some investment projects, including the Scottish Futures Trust’s Scotland’s Schools for the Future programme, means that work on the new £21.4million school cannot begin yet.

Scottish Borders Council (SBC) says it is aware that Scottish Futures Trust and the Scottish Government – which are providing overall funding for the project – are working to ensure a solution is found as soon as possible.

SBC secured planning permission for the new school in October last year. The school at Nethershot on Angraflat Road will include new grass and synthetic sports pitches, as well as community facilities.

The council will continue to complete preparatory work on this important project and will provide updates for the local community as soon as possible.